Learn Street

LearnStreet – Lessons 1 & 2  – Questions

(10 – Homework Points)

Directions: As you go through lessons 1 and 2 of Ruby in LearnStreet answer each of the following questions below.


  1. What does IRB stand for?

Interactive Ruby


  1. What is an expression in Ruby?

A expression in Ruby is a variable


  1. What is a console?

The box you are typing in when you are instructing Ruby.


4. What is the symbol for each of the following?










  1. What is an object?

An object in Ruby is almost everything for example when you put the number 5 into Ruby it becomes an object because it is added to the console.


What are variables?

Variables are something thats liable to change.

What is the syntax for assigning a variable?

How do we assign jacks_account to account?

Directions:  For Questions 9 & 10 use the following expression:

EXPRESSION: jacks_account = jills_account


In this expression, what is jacks_account?  Why? (1-2 sentences)


  1. In this expression, what is jills_account?  Why? (1-2 sentences)

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