An Inconvenient Truth

Name: Teyonna Tate           Date: 12-16-13

Viewing Guide – An Inconvenient Truth

(20 – In Class Points)

Directions: As we watch “An Inconvenient Truth” answer each of the following questions in complete sentences.  No points will be awarded without complete sentences.


  1. According to Al Gore, why do good people in politics not accept global warming as a “truth”? (Think about this throughout the video – Answer at the end.)

Answer: They feel we don’t have an impact on the earth. They feel we don’t change the earth.


  1. Why is the earth’s atmosphere the planet’s most vulnerable component?

Answer: It is most vulnerable because it is so thin.


  1. What causes global warming?

Answer: Pollution causes global warming. Also greenhouse gases.


  1. What has happened to carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere since the 1960’s?

Answer: Since the 1960’s, carbon dioxide levels has increased.


  1. What has happened to glaciers around the world over the last 30-40 years?

Answer: Over the last 30-40 years glaciers continue to melt and decrease.


  1. How have previous warming periods in the last 1,000 years compared with the present warming?

Answer: The warming levels have increased.


  1. What is the relationship between global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels?

Answer: The more carbon dioxide there is the warmer the climate will be.

  1. What has happened to ocean temperatures in the last 60 years? What has this led to?

Answer: The ocean temperatures went up. they started getting warmer.


  1. What effect has global warming had on precipitation?

Answer: It causes extreme weather temperatures and causes tornadoes.

  1. What is happening in the Arctic?

Answer: The arctic is starting to melt.


  1. How does global warming affect animal and insect species?

Answer: Global warming is affecting animal and insect species because it is ruining their climates. For example, the arctic is starting to melt so polar bears have no ice to be on and they are starting to drown. The insects are creating new diseases.


  1. What is happening in Antarctica? How might this affect global sea levels?

Answer: Antarctica is starting to melt. This will affect global sea levels because the sea levels are decreasing.

  1. What effect will rising sea levels have on population centers around the world?

Answer: There would be more sea than land and pretty soon it will be very little land for human life.

  1. What connection is there between population growth and global warming?

Answer: Because of global warming water levels will increase and it will wipe out a lot of population.

  1. Why are forests being burned in developing countries?

Answer: Forests are being burned because of human demand.

  1. What country is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions?

Answer: America is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.


  1. Is there a global consensus on the part of scientists that humans are driving global warming? Why is this not reflected in print media?

Answer: Yes, there is no reflected media because they are trying to make it seem like a theory and not a fact.


  1. Does Gore believe that dealing with global warming necessarily involves damaging the economy? Explain.

Answer: Yes, Gore feels that dealing with global warming involves damaging the economy.


  1. Is the argument that meeting higher emission standards will hurt North American auto manufacturers valid, according to Gore?

Answer: The argument that meeting higher emission standards will hurt North American auto manufacturers is not valid according to Gore. He feel that it would help.


  1. Does Gore believe it is possible to reduce carbon emissions significantly? Explain.

Answer: Yes, if you add all of the factors such renewable resource and stuff we can reduce the carbon emissions.

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