About Me!

I want to discuss two topics in this paper. Although they’re two different topics but they can relate to each other.

I go to a lot of places and I do a lot of things, but the place I feel more content is in the dance studio. I love to dance! I have danced all my life. I first started to dance when I was 3 years old. Every since then I haven’t stopped. Dancing is my life. I dance everywhere I go and when I dance I feel like I have escaped the world and entered my own. I haven’t stopped dancing and I don’t plan on stopping now.

When I dance I feel like I am being myself. I am not afraid to dance infront of people. I feel free when I dance. Dancing lets me get all of my stress out. Without dancing I don’t know where I would be. I have been on several dance teams in the city of Chicago. I have danced on channel 9 news and I have danced in the Bud Billiken parade 2 years in a row. I am currently not in a dance  group in Chicago but I do dance for fun. Also, I dance for my school. I am on my school dance team and cheerleading team.

Somebody once gave me some really good advice if you really want to do something you have to follow your dreams. My dreams is to dance. I’ve always loved dancing and thats one of my dreams. I am determined about about being a dancer so I continue my dreams. Dancing is my life and without dancing I wouldn’t have anything. I hope one day i could have my own dance studio and teach other kids how to dance. I know how to dance all different types of dances. I know how to dance hip-hop, belly dance, bachata, merengue, salsa, and many more. I hope one day I could share my talent with other people. This is a place I feel most content in. The dance studio. When I am in the dance studio I feel calm like I am in another world. Dancing is my life and I would never want to stop.

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