My Favorite Book

I have read many books before, but I can honestly say that I have only had one that was my absolute favorite. My favorite book was “The Hunger Games”. I had to read it in my 8th grade class. I was already reading the book before the movie even came out. I was so into the book. I didn’t want to put it down. “The Hunger Games” was about how different districts had to choose kids ages 12-18 to fight for their district against each other for food. I thought it was very sad at first because they had kids killing other kids. The main characters was Katniss, her younger sister Prim, Katniss best-friend, and another kid from her district. My favorite part of the book was when they called on Prim and Katniss fought through the crowd to volunteer so her younger sister don’t have to go fight for her district. I absolutely loved this book. I have never read anything like it before. I would definitively recommend this book to someone.

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