Internet Use

•Describe what you use the internet for.

I use the internet for many things. I use the internet to chat with my friends, talk about my day, and also research things. 

•Which social networking applications do you use? (blogging, Facebook, MySpace)

The social networks I mostly use is Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube. 

•How often? How many of your friends use them?

I use these applications everyday. Before I get to school and all day when I get out of school. Mostly all of my friends also use these applications. This is how we talk to each other sometimes when we are on punishment. 

•How important are these web applications to your lives? How have they changed your lives?

These applications is very important to me in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them. They have changed my life because now I always depend on the internet. Now, i am distracted in life because of the internet.

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