NSA chief says Snowden leaked up to 200,000 secret documents

(8 – In Class Points)

Directions: Read the following article, when you are done answer the questions that follow. UNDERLINE KEY THOUGHTS.

(Reuters) – Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden leaked as many as 200,000 classified U.S. documents to the media, according to little-noticed public remarks by the eavesdropping agency’s chief late last month.

In a question-and-answer session following a speech to a foreign affairs group in Baltimore on October 31, NSA Director General Keith Alexander was asked by a member of the audience what steps U.S. authorities were taking to stop Snowden from leaking additional information to journalists.

“I wish there was a way to prevent it. Snowden has shared somewhere between 50 (thousand) and 200,000 documents with reporters. These will continue to come out,” Alexander said.  Alexander added that the documents were “being put out in a way that does the maximum damage to NSA and our nation,” according to a transcript of his talk made available by NSA.

U.S. officials briefed on investigations into Snowden’s activities have said privately for months that internal government assessments indicate that the number of classified documents to which Snowden got access as a systems operator at NSA installations ran into the hundreds of thousands.  Officials said that while investigators now believe they know the range of documents that Snowden accessed, they remain unsure which documents he downloaded for leaking to the media.

By comparison, the number of Pentagon and State Department documents leaked toWikiLeaks by a disgruntled U.S. Army private was much larger. The anti-secrecy group obtained around 400,000 Pentagon reports on the Iraq war, as well as 250,000 State Department cables and tens of thousands of documents on U.S. operations in Afghanistan.

None of the WikiLeaks material was classified higher than “Secret” but many NSA documents leaked by Snowden were marked “Top Secret” or with an even more restrictive “Special Intelligence” stamp. The material includes highly technical details on U.S. and allied eavesdropping activities.

Snowden’s revelations, which first surfaced in June, are still causing a headache for the government of President Barack Obama, particularly in its dealing with allies.  For example, Germany was outraged by reports that the NSA monitored Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cellphone.  Matthew Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, said Snowden’s leaks were “extremely damaging.”

“There is no doubt that those disclosures have made our job harder. We’ve seen that terrorists or adversaries are seeking to learn about the ways that we collect intelligence and seeking to adapt and change the ways that they communicate,” he told a congressional hearing on Thursday.

In the past few days, U.S. officials say, a panel of former officials and experts set up by Obama to review NSA operations in the wake of Snowden’s disclosures has privately reported interim conclusions to the White House. The group’s final report is due on December 15.

The report, along with the White House’s own review, is likely to lead to policy changes to be announced by year’s end. These are expected to include some constraints on the NSA’s wide-ranging eavesdropping.

Also included in documents leaked by Snowden are at least 58,000 classified documents generated by Government Communications Headquarters, the NSA’s British counterpart and eavesdropping partner, according to British authorities.

Snowden is in Russia, where he was granted asylum in August for at least a year.



1.) Summarize the article in 2-3 sentences.

This article is about how Snowden released classified information to journalists. They were asking NSA Director General Keith Alexander how were they going to stop Snowden from telling journalists any other information.

2.)  Who is the director of the National Counterterrorism Center?  

The director of the National Counterterrorism is Matthew Olsen.

3.) Edward Snowden released the documents in an effort to raise awareness of what the NSA was doing.  Do you believe he was right for doing this?  Why or why not? (2-3 sentences)

I mean in some way I feel he was doing the right thing because if he felt that it was that important then he should have told. On the other hand I feel like he was wrong for doing that because now he can’t live where he was living because he now have people after him.

4.) What could be some of the effects that can come of Edward Snowden releasing the documents?  (2-3 sentences)

Some effects that can come because of Snowden releasing the documents is that something may happen to the NSA. Also, now Snowden will be wanted.

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Here’s Why Ruby On Rails Is Hot!

Here’s Why Ruby On Rails Is Hot

(8 – In Class Points)

Directions:  Read the following article and answer the questions after in complete sentences.


Many companies have asked the questions “What’s the fastest way to develop my web apps?” and “Should I use Java, Ruby, Python or something else?”

These companies range from start-ups to established enterprises, and many have come to the conclusion that when creating apps that are designed to be delivered on the web, Ruby on Rails is the best choice.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. The growing demand for Ruby on Rails has been driven by successful companies who benefit from the speed and agility of building applications in Rails, which results in increased productivity and company growth. Many of the companies you all know and love use Ruby in some capacity: Amazon, BBC, Cisco, CNET, IBM, JP Morgan, NASA, and Yahoo!. Many of the fastest-growing web-based companies have been built using Ruby on Rails: Scribd (over 70 million readers each month), Groupon (over 38.5 million subscribers in North America), Basecamp (millions of users). All in all, more than 200,000 web sites are using Ruby on Rails.

Why Ruby on Rails is Hot

I believe that Ruby on Rails is on fire because it is the most productive way to build web applications. This is a conclusion that I’ve drawn first hand by building Rails applications for customers for nearly five years.

Custom software development has always been expensive, which has resulted in shrink-wrapped solutions dominating the software market. But how can businesses differentiate themselves from each other if they all use the same applications? Custom software can help businesses differentiate themselves and provide deep competitive advantage through data collection, visualization, and distribution at the edges of an organization, where users and departments know what data they need to operate efficiently. Ruby on Rails makes this type of software development economical for companies ranging from high-growth start-ups to large corporations wanting to experiment without risking additional IT budget.

Using Ruby on Rails for Success

Groupon is known as a remarkable example of a successful, scalable app built on open source technologies (including Ruby on Rails). Groupon features a daily deal on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy in more than 500 markets and 44 countries. With over 38.5 million subscribers in North America, Groupon’s daily deal has become immensely popular. The technical requirements to build and maintain a website with these kinds of daily traffic bursts are substantial, and Ruby on Rails is a key part of this web application.

Luckie & Co. used Ruby on Rails to build the Bayer Advanced website. Bill Abel, Vice President and Director of Digital Development at Luckie & Co. outlines the tremendous benefits of developing in Rails: “We chose Ruby on Rails because it allows us to develop websites dramatically faster. We finished the first release of the Bayer Advanced website in 2 months – a 50% reduction in development time. Rails is a complete 180 to traditional app development; it’s very structured and the built-in hooks made our transition much easier. The Rails test-driven development model has helped us achieve development efficiencies, so we can build websites more quickly and deliver a much more reliable product.”

The Future

As businesses explore how they can use Ruby on Rails to build their next-generation products and services for consumers and employees, they’ll discover the significant development time savings Ruby on Rails offers. Coupling this with low up-front investment and overall cost savings, it makes perfect sense that we’ll continue to see more companies choosing Ruby on Rails. Try it out–work with your team on a small project and see how it speeds development time, increases developer productivity, and results in highly scalable web apps.

Answer each of the following questions in complete sentences.



Summarize the article in 3-4 sentences.

This article is basically about how many of the known sites use Ruby on Rails. Even though they all use Ruby the sites are set up differently. Also, Ruby on rails is what helps them be a success.

What is Ruby on Rails?  (1-2 sentences)

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework for the Ruby programming language.

What are some of the websites built using Ruby on Rails?

(1-2 sentences)

There are many websites that were built using Ruby on Rails. Some of those websites are Amazon, BBC, Cisco, CNET, IBM, JP Morgan, NASA, and Yahoo.

What does the future hold for Ruby on Rails?

(1-2 sentences)

In the future they believe they will be able to use Ruby on Rails to build a whole new generation of products.

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Why your face might appear in Google ads, and how to stop it!


Why your face might appear in Google ads, and how to stop it

(6 – in class points)

Directions: Read the following article and answer the questions.


(CNN) — You’re considering buying a new pair of tube socks. A quick Google search pulls up some sock ads and below one of them you see your pal Kimberly’s face next to a four-star review she’s left for Sal’s Sock Emporium. “Great deals on super soft socks, and so many fun colors!”


Google is betting that this type of personal recommendation from a friend will make people more likely to click on an ad.


Starting November 11, Google will be able to include Google+ users’ faces, names and comments in ads. The content will be pulled from reviews they’ve made on Google+ or other tied-in Google services like YouTube or Google Play. The company updated its terms of service on Friday to include the new language allowing these “shared endorsements.”


The adver-dorsements won’t just appear on regular Google searches. Google ads are a sprawling business and a person’s face could show up on any of the 2 million sites that are part of the Google ad network.


It’s difficult to avoid Google+, the social network and user identity hub Google has been steadily grafting onto all of its popular services. Even if you don’t think you have a Google+ profile, there’s a good chance that one exists if you use the company’s other services.


Google+ reviews are already used in many of the company’s products. Look for a restaurant on Google Maps, for instance, and you’ll see a star rating based on public reviews by Google+ users. Leave a review for an album you bought in the Google Play store and that is a usable Google+ endorsement.


If you don’t want your face popping up in ads, it’s easy to opt out. There is a settings page for Google+ accounts called Shared Endorsements. It explains exactly how the program works. Read through and if you’re still uncomfortable with the idea, uncheck the box next to “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.”


You will still see familiar faces in ads, but your mug should no longer appear in other peoples’ searches. If you hit +1 for a site, people in your network will still be able to see that you’ve liked it, which is not a new feature.


If you are really determined not to show up anywhere, just don’t hit +1 or leave reviews on Google products or in the Google Play store.


Other social media companies have toyed with featuring their users’ photos in ads. If you Like a company on Facebook or post a positive review on its page, that can be used in that company’s Facebook ads.


You may have noticed a sponsored post in your News Feed that shows which of your friends have liked a particular brand. As with Google+ reviews, the key to not appearing in these types of ads is not endorsing brands. (Unlike Google, there’s no opt-out option for sponsored stories on Facebook.)


The idea of promoting a brand and sharing positive opinions could appeal to many Google+ users who are already actively leaving reviews. Some people just really love brands, whether they’re sports drinks, smartphone makers, movies or video games. They want to broadcast that love to the world, sharing their positive opinions wide and far.


Negative opinions can be equally useful information for their friends and families, but those bad reviews are not usable by advertisers. And for now, there’s no -1 button on Google+ or Dislike button for Facebook.


Summarize the article

(3-4 sentences)

This article is about how if you have a google account or if you sign up for any website that involves google they could use you for ads. Now google ads are able to use Google+ users pictures for ads. Google ads feel that it would be easier to get more customers if they see their friends using it.

How do you feel about what Google is doing?

(1-2 sentences)

I feel that google shouldn’t be using people for their ads without the people knowing. I understand that some people might leave a real actual comment on something but if google is doing it and just using their picture i don’t feel like that is appropriate.

Regardless of your feelings, do you think that Google should be allowed to do it?  Why or why not?

(1-2 sentences)

No, i don’t think google should be allowed to do it because they are going against other people words. They don’t have permission to do that.

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Sony Confirms Blu-Ray Still Primary Media Format for PS4

Name:Teyonna Tate Date:11-14-13


Sony Confirms Blu-Ray Still Primary Media Format for PS4

(8 – In Class Points)


Directions: Read the following article, when you are done answer the questions that follow. UNDERLINE KEY THOUGHTS.

Despite the exciting possibilities the PS4‘s dedicated processor for background processing will bring, Sony is still sticking with a disc-based delivery mechanism, for now. Though there was nigh on a mention of what media future PS4 games (Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, etc…) would release on, Sony has now confirmed Blu-Ray discs will still be the dominant format.

With the introduction of PS Plus and Day 1 Digital Downloads, Sony has taken bold steps to create a digital distribution platform that rivals anything available on the PC. Granted, they still have a way to go before the PSN is seen as a Steamequivalent, but with their next-gen console Sony could get there.

However, as Sony’s Jim Ryan tells IGN, the Blu-Ray isn’t going anywhere. Ryan sees the writing on the wall – digital distribution is the future – but with download speeds what they are, there is still a need for physical media.

“Clearly, and this applies not just to games but to pretty much every form of entertainment, there is a trend to increased digital consumption, and that is happening now on PS3 and will continue and will probably accelerate on PS4. But the primary delivery mechanism for the big games on the PS4 platform will continue to be Blu-Ray discs, for the foreseeable future.”

That doesn’t mean that gamers won’t see a switch to digital downloads within the PS4‘s lifespan, though, that’s actually a likely scenario. When asked for a time frame, Ryan was decidedly evasive, but five years appears to be what Sony is looking at.

For now, however, Sony – according to Ryan – encourages developers to take full advantage of a Blu-Ray disc’s 50GB of storage space, a file size that would take days to download on some people’s Internet connections.

So, though we may not know what the PS4 console actually looks like, or have a clear picture of some of its inner workings, Sony is slowly revealing more and more as the days go on. Next up: E3 2013, where even more should be revealed.

The PS4 is targeting a holiday 2013 release date.



1.) Summarize the article in 2-3 sentences.

This article is about the playstation 4. It states some ways it is improved and what its going  to bring to the table, as in how its going to look or what its going to do.

2.) What is the disc capacity of a blu-ray disc? (Complete Sentence)

The disc capacity of a blu-ray disc is 50GB.

3.) Sony was working tirelessly to develop a new disk format to replace the Blu-Ray; however, they were unable to.  Instead they opted to go with downloadable media.  Why would they do that?  Explain this in 2-3 sentences.

I believe they would do that because its easier. Plus the blu-ray disc already has a lot of storage space on it so they decided to use that.

4.) How do you feel about the PS4 sticking with the Blu-Ray disc for now? Can you see a digital download-only future?

To be honest, I really dont care. I’m more of a Xbox 360 fan. I can see digital download-only future though. I can see that because you have to download most things now anyway. Also, I think its going to be easier for people.

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Learn Street

LearnStreet – Lessons 1 & 2  – Questions

(10 – Homework Points)

Directions: As you go through lessons 1 and 2 of Ruby in LearnStreet answer each of the following questions below.


  1. What does IRB stand for?

Interactive Ruby


  1. What is an expression in Ruby?

A expression in Ruby is a variable


  1. What is a console?

The box you are typing in when you are instructing Ruby.


4. What is the symbol for each of the following?










  1. What is an object?

An object in Ruby is almost everything for example when you put the number 5 into Ruby it becomes an object because it is added to the console.


What are variables?

Variables are something thats liable to change.

What is the syntax for assigning a variable?

How do we assign jacks_account to account?

Directions:  For Questions 9 & 10 use the following expression:

EXPRESSION: jacks_account = jills_account


In this expression, what is jacks_account?  Why? (1-2 sentences)


  1. In this expression, what is jills_account?  Why? (1-2 sentences)

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An Inconvenient Truth

Name: Teyonna Tate           Date: 12-16-13

Viewing Guide – An Inconvenient Truth

(20 – In Class Points)

Directions: As we watch “An Inconvenient Truth” answer each of the following questions in complete sentences.  No points will be awarded without complete sentences.


  1. According to Al Gore, why do good people in politics not accept global warming as a “truth”? (Think about this throughout the video – Answer at the end.)

Answer: They feel we don’t have an impact on the earth. They feel we don’t change the earth.


  1. Why is the earth’s atmosphere the planet’s most vulnerable component?

Answer: It is most vulnerable because it is so thin.


  1. What causes global warming?

Answer: Pollution causes global warming. Also greenhouse gases.


  1. What has happened to carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere since the 1960’s?

Answer: Since the 1960’s, carbon dioxide levels has increased.


  1. What has happened to glaciers around the world over the last 30-40 years?

Answer: Over the last 30-40 years glaciers continue to melt and decrease.


  1. How have previous warming periods in the last 1,000 years compared with the present warming?

Answer: The warming levels have increased.


  1. What is the relationship between global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels?

Answer: The more carbon dioxide there is the warmer the climate will be.

  1. What has happened to ocean temperatures in the last 60 years? What has this led to?

Answer: The ocean temperatures went up. they started getting warmer.


  1. What effect has global warming had on precipitation?

Answer: It causes extreme weather temperatures and causes tornadoes.

  1. What is happening in the Arctic?

Answer: The arctic is starting to melt.


  1. How does global warming affect animal and insect species?

Answer: Global warming is affecting animal and insect species because it is ruining their climates. For example, the arctic is starting to melt so polar bears have no ice to be on and they are starting to drown. The insects are creating new diseases.


  1. What is happening in Antarctica? How might this affect global sea levels?

Answer: Antarctica is starting to melt. This will affect global sea levels because the sea levels are decreasing.

  1. What effect will rising sea levels have on population centers around the world?

Answer: There would be more sea than land and pretty soon it will be very little land for human life.

  1. What connection is there between population growth and global warming?

Answer: Because of global warming water levels will increase and it will wipe out a lot of population.

  1. Why are forests being burned in developing countries?

Answer: Forests are being burned because of human demand.

  1. What country is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions?

Answer: America is the largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions.


  1. Is there a global consensus on the part of scientists that humans are driving global warming? Why is this not reflected in print media?

Answer: Yes, there is no reflected media because they are trying to make it seem like a theory and not a fact.


  1. Does Gore believe that dealing with global warming necessarily involves damaging the economy? Explain.

Answer: Yes, Gore feels that dealing with global warming involves damaging the economy.


  1. Is the argument that meeting higher emission standards will hurt North American auto manufacturers valid, according to Gore?

Answer: The argument that meeting higher emission standards will hurt North American auto manufacturers is not valid according to Gore. He feel that it would help.


  1. Does Gore believe it is possible to reduce carbon emissions significantly? Explain.

Answer: Yes, if you add all of the factors such renewable resource and stuff we can reduce the carbon emissions.

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Green IT

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